Godawari Healthcare™

      & Holistic Healing Center

न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम् । कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्रणिनां आर्तिनाशनम् ॥

About Us

GODAWARI HEALTHCARE™ & HOLISTIC HEALING CENTER based in Yavatmal Maharashtra Is Internationally recognized center providing their services to 15+ countries since 2012. With core vision of Dr. Anupam for Overall Development of human kind, and the spread of the divine knowledge beyond the social barrier – he was keen to use MODERN TECHNOLOGIES in the field of healing to overcome the barriers of TIME & DISTANCE.
We tend to use of modern technologies viz. LIVE PHONE CALLING, VIDEO CALLING, WHATS APP, VIBER, SKYPE, LINKEDIN & SO ON… To provide best possible services to our clients as per their need & ease.


Our Deep Salutations !

     - To the purest tradition of the Reiki we follow.

Right from his first step to the healing world Dr. Anupam was found of the most pure form of Reiki and hence completed his most of the Reiki journey with his TIBETIAN MASTERS. That’s the reason of 1000s of our clients worldwide  Are fully satisfied with our healing services. We proud to be a part of the tradition started by DR. MIKAO USUI – the first Reiki grandmaster & founder of purest Japanese Reiki tradition.

Different from professional Reiki healers & teachers we have given our sincere appreciation to continue the holy tradition of Reiki & honest efforts are being given with sole gratitude to DR. Mikao Usui. We have strong belief that somewhere we all are protected under the divine light of his powers & blessings……



Our Inspiration –

     Late Mrs. Godawari Dhawale

      (13/8/1937 - 5/9/2007)

Dr. Anupam received his first Spiritual lessons with company of his grandmother Mrs. Godawari Dhawale. The inspiration she provided us with her exclusive social & helpful nature and self awakening. Dr. came in touch with different spiritual masters & leaders of that time while continuing his journey of spiritual world. Far away from material & school education she was blessed with a precious knowledge of spiritual world.

It was the painful moment when we lose her physical existence in our world on the 8th day just when Dr. started his journey in Ayurveda. Still whatever she had taught to us in her lifetime has become a continuous spring of inspiration through our journey.

Why Godawari HealthCare??


• To receive your healing right from your living room & bedroom


• Most appreciated techniques of on call healing

• Personal sessions with your easy & comfortable timing

• The most affordable charges & EMI options

• Special services & timely assistance to VIP, corporate & celebrities

Mission & objective


• Healthy Body And Cheerful Mind Is The Birth Right OF Every Individual.

• To spread Absolute bliss, Tranquility, Wisdom, & happiness is birth right of every individual regardless of his age, cast, creed, sex & nationality.

• To reach the people beyond the barrier of cities, states, countries.

• Abundance and Prosperity Is Everywhere

• Cosmic Is the Field Of infinite Possibilities.

Our Expertise


• First time in the India, to provide on call Reiki healing services & mind medicines.

• More than 10000 + successful clients from 15+ Countries across the world.

• Use of up to date technologies viz. What’s App., Viber, Linkedin, Video conferencing etc..

• One of the largest Reiki & Holistic service provider of India(100+ services)

• Professional healing network of more than 1500 healers & students.

• Use of modern psychological healing techniques along with ancient science of healing.

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