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न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम् । कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्रणिनां आर्तिनाशनम् ॥


Program Details


Neuro Linguistic Programming with 3 Level Un-Conscious Patterning allows you to:


• To get a better understanding of your personality in terms of whom you are.

• To get a better understanding of yourself in terms of multiple intelligences and what your strong points are.

• To help you to discover yourself and become a better person.

• To provide experience and insight, which will help further shape your personality, to make a bigger mark.

• To develop your potential and to be successful in life.


Level 1

• Goal Setting - Positive Attitude

• Self - Motivation

• Self- belief and Self Confidence

• Emotional Intelligence

• Stress and Anger Management


Level 2

• Advanced Communication Skills.

• Body Language

• The power of Voice

• The art of Assertiveness

• Decision- making

• Handling criticism positively


Level 3

• First impression

• Social etiquette

• Business etiquette

• Real life case studies

• Power Dressing

• Guiding manuals and one-to-one interaction with your mentor


How will you benefit

• By improving yourself you can improve the quality of your relationships with others.

• Improving your communication skills will mean that you can make better connections with people, considerably easing business and social interactions even for the most shy among us.

• You can manage the impact you create and the way people perceive you and interact with you

• Set every neuron in your body on an Adrenalin boost towards Achieving your Goals

• Look younger with your Inner Beauty glowing and showing on your face everyday

• Create Strong, Compelling useful Positive Beliefs


People this program for many reasons, including:

• To easily understand what others are really thinking

• Create effective relationships and communications

• Consistently set and achieve worthwhile outcomes

• Accelerated learning in any context

• Quickly gather high quality information

• Locate leverage points and know how to use them

• Influence with integrity

• Motivate yourself – and others – more easily

• Gain agreement, even with the most difficult types

• Be respected by people as an adviser and leader


This complete training includes the seven major NLP models and over 30+ NLP processes and patterns. Most important, you get a whole lot more than just a written description. You get the full experience of being in the training with explanation of how, when, where, and with whom to use each model, process and pattern. You’ll be get this right from the top trainers of NLP Comprehensive with over 100 years of experience as NLP Trainers and Developers. You also get, exclusively, on call Question and Answer support from our NLP training coaches.


Most Effective way to join NLP – Personality Plus Program

• DR. ANUPAM’S NLP HOME training is more effective than studying NLP in a classroom where you are removed from your daily routine. Our unique learning system integrates NLP skills into your daily habits through our unique Stealth Missions and Psyche Builders. This is what makes all the difference!

• Another benefit of our Online NLP is that you get to work at your own speed, on your own time and with live access to a trainer that you can speak to whenever you need.

• However, after enrolling, you can also start whenever you like and complete it at your own speed. The average completion time is 14 – 90 days, depending on your schedule. However, there is no time limit for completion.


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