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न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम् । कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्रणिनां आर्तिनाशनम् ॥

How can our NLP-based Sales Training help you


• Increase your sales results by up to 100% and more.


• Have immediate access to your “States of Excellence” in meetings, phone calls, one-ones


• Increase your confidence and passion with bosses, customers and colleagues.


You will learn how to:


• Identify and utilize beliefs and values.


• Uncover your customer’s thinking style.


• Gain, maintain and deepen rapport.


• Enhance your ability to listen and truly understand


More specifically It Can Help To Understand.....


• What happens inside the mind of every client/customer/prospect


• The mindset for successful selling


• Build trust and rapport almost instantly with clients


• Communicate in the way your clients prefer


• Understand each client, their motivations and therefore how best to ‘pitch’ to them, just by asking a few simple questions and being able to interpret the responses


• Listen’ between the lines, to gain clues about what the clients really want when bidding for large-scale contracts, some tips about how to prepare for the ‘beauty parades’ and engage the audience, and to feel confident before and during the presentation


• How sales managers can understand what truly motivates their team, and hence get the best from them.


Beyond Your Typical Sales Training – The NLP Based Sales Training Is


1) Modeled exclusively from successful sales people, this simple, fool-proof, five-step process will light your sales on fire! The powerful model and techniques will transform you into a sales hero with just five hours of instruction!


2) Will teach you how to gain deep, unconscious, irresistible rapport, modeled from one of the world’s best hypnotists, Milton H. Erickson. This hypnotic ability to create instant rapport is what sets most top achievers apart in sales.


3) To discover what your client wants at a deep unconscious level helps you unlock the decision-making process in their mind. These unconscious values get your client emotional about buying your product or service, powerfully drawing them into the close of the sale and inspiring them to action.


4) Knowing what to say will make you a persuasion machine. Imagine being able to turn around even the toughest of sales with a few choice, carefully chosen words that practically hypnotize your prospects with their eyes open.


Why Should I Join This Course?


-Because you want to close more sales.


-For creating better client relationships through greater understanding,


- produce higher sales, faster.


How Can I Join This Course?

-In this home study course, you will get usable tools that you can put into action right away. This is a hands-on workshop, and you'll be using these tools to improve your sales before the course is even over!


-DR. ANUPAM’S NLP HOME training is more effective than studying NLP in a classroom where you are removed from your daily routine. Our unique learning system integrates NLP skills into your daily habits through our unique Stealth Missions and Psyche Builders. This is what makes all the difference! - Another benefit of our Online NLP is that you get to work at your own speed, on your own time and with live access to a trainer that you can speak to whenever you need. - However, after enrolling, you can also start whenever you like and complete it at your own speed. The average completion time is 14 – 90 days, depending on your schedule. However, there is no time limit for completion.

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