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न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम् । कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्रणिनां आर्तिनाशनम् ॥

How Aroma-Therapy works ?


There are many theories to explain how aromatherapy might works. Some of them are as below


• Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing.


• some theories states that The "smell" receptors in your nose communicate with parts of your brain (the amygdala and hippocampus) that serve as storehouses for emotions and memories.


• Some essential oils are thought to have an anti inflammatory effect, which may help with arthritis and muscular pain. Others are thought to have properties that make them relieve pain or help to fight off infection.


• Some oils can have local effects known as topical effects. For example, some research seems to suggest that lavender oil can help the skin to heal after a burn if used appropriately.


• Some aroma oils works directly over chakras. Activation of Chakra heal the subtle body energy centers thereby healing the Physical body



Various Clinical & Distance Consultation Aromatherapy programs at Godawari Healthcare™



1) Preventive aromatherapy –


One of the basic concepts of mind/body medicine is that a positive frame of mind helps to keep people in good health. Aroma therapists maintain that essential oils derived from plants help people to slow down, relax from stress , and stimulate brain to release various hormones that have been proven to prevent various diseases viz. – Frequent infections, migraine, Arthritis, Hypertension, Stroke, various autoimmune disorders, skin diseases, Cancer etc…



2) Aromatherapy for Diseases –


Some researches also claim that aromatherapy can help with physical problems through


• Boosting the immune system


• Fighting off colds and bacterial infections


• Helping with period (menstrual) problems


• Improving circulation and urine output


• Relieving headaches and digestion problems



3) Aroma Chakra Healing/activation


Some diseases may have origin at our subtle bodies & chakras. Energy blockages created due to day to day stress & unreleased emotions gradually lead to major diseases like cancers, stokes, etc.


Aroma therapy release this hidden stress to free energy blockages, and free flow of energy lead to activation & opening of corresponding energy center playing vital role in management of various diseases, stress, emotional problems etc.



4) Aromatherapy For Students


Nothing is worse during a test than seeing a question and knowing that you studied the answer, but it just won't come to you. According to the Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley, essential oils may be able to help with that problem. When essential oils are diffused while studying and smelled during a test via a hanky or cotton ball, test scores may increase by as much as 50%. The thing is that the oils must be selected by proper methods as per need of individual.


Wide range of essential oils and aroma extracts are provided at our healthcare as per students need and mind demands.

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