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न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम् । कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्रणिनां आर्तिनाशनम् ॥





Our unique blend of mind & body detox


The idea that our minds and emotions plays critical role in our health and functioning of body has become a fundamental premise in integrative medicine—is far from new. Many ancient healing systems emphasize the interconnection between mind and body in healing, including Hippo crates, the father of Western medicine, who taught that good health depends on a balance of mind, body, and environment. Can you recall how your body felt? Self-consciousness will tighten your buttock muscles (so you are literally sitting on your tension), you will sweat more than usual, you may feel slightly nauseous, and you'll probably fluff your words, just when you want to appear suave and confident.


In other words, our emotions affect us physically. It might be easy to understand that a scary thought gets our heart beating faster, but it can be harder to realize that loneliness, sadness or depression can also affect us physically, and when it comes to more complex emotions or illnesses few of us consider our emotions to have any relevance.


Joining the mind detox will help clear out cosmic Toxins from your mind. You will begin to be able to use your spiritual energy and attention to stay present and be more productive. This program will also help you be more aware of the decisions you are making about what you eat. Joining this simple 15 days mind body detox can prove to be a great way to help clean the mind, body, and strengthen your ability to stay present and anxiety-free throughout the rest of your day.


The sign & symptoms to know your mind & body will need detox -


• Unexplained fatigue


• Unexpected weight gain


• Sluggish elimination


• Sleep disorder


• Loss of libido


• Allergies


• Low-grade fever


• Hypertensions,


• Anxiety, stress, fear


• Puffy eye or bags under the eyes


• Bloating


• Menstrual problems


• Mental confusion


• Menstrual disorder


• Any sort of uneasiness in day to day life


5 Easy steps to join detox


1) Share your problems with us on voice call CLICK HERE


2) Get register & share your medical history


3) Get your Detox pack by courier at your door step


4) 2 Exclusive Mind detox session by live phone call method


5) Get ready to explore the world with healthy body And cheerful mind.


You will receive


• Detox medicine + manual & meditation CDs by courier


• 2 live call healing sessions (45 Min each)


• Complete diet plan accordance with your body constitution


• Free consultation to your medical issues/problems


• Fees – Rs. – 2000 / USD – 70(outside India)

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